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Jonathan Sterling

NBA Referee

This guy Matt "Hammer" Clark is a man who knows his basketball. Coming from a long line of coaches in his family and being a great player, being a part of his team and gaining his knowledge and skills will prepare you for whatever level of basketball you want to achieve!


Beau Beech

Professional Basketball Player

I've known Matt Clark for as long as I can remember. We would play 1 on 1 in high school and I could never beat him! Matt is an amazing guy who works harder than anyone I've ever seen. His dedication and will to be the best is why he is a great skills and developmental coach. He will not only teach you the skills necessary to succeed, but he will also take you to a higher level of basketball you didn't think you could because he has that drive and passion for the game.


Keith Matthews

Former Flagler College Basketball Player & Head Basketball Coach at Pedro Menendez High School

Matt has always been a hard worker. I had the pleasure of coaching him his senior year and his knowledge of what it takes to get to the next level is amazing. He is someone I would recommend for anyone trying to take their game to the next step.

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