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Welcome to Hammer Basketball

Hammer Basketball was officially started in January 2016.

The program features a Player Skills Developmental focus that maximizes each players' overall basketball game.


I graduated from Flagler College where I played basketball from 2011-2016. I am the second-all time leader in three-point field goals, as well as being in the top ten all time-leading scorer in school history.

My Dad, Bo Clark was the Head Basketball Coach at Flagler College for the last 31 years. He recently retired in 2016. My brother, JP, has been a 8-year NBA Assistant and Player Development Coach.

The Basketball Player Skills and Developmental Program will include individual skill deveolpment that will focus on shooting, ball handling, and proper technique and footwork.


I hope I can take your game to the next level!

- Matt Clark


Matt Clark

Flagler College (2011-2016)

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